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At Integrity Dental our focus is on you!  We take the time to understand what your concerns and goals are so that together we can make sure that you have a beautiful and lasting smile.  We offer a full range of dental health services from cleanings to full-mouth restorations.  Part of our committment to our patients is to provide them with the most information so that they can make the best and most informed decision regarding their oral health needs.




Having regular check ups and cleanings is important in maintaining your oral health. Our team works with our patients to ensure that they are receiving the best care.  We treat each one of our patients individually and work with them to achieve common goals.  Our highly trained dental hygienists will teach you the proper home care techniques and will design a customized cleaning schedule to meet your oral hygiene needs. 



Restorative dental work is any procedure that is restoring the tooth's function, shape or aesthetics.  Examples of dental restorations would be fillings, crowns or bridges.   Dental restorations are a great way to fill a simple cavity or give you that beautiful smile you've always wanted. 




Dental implants are a great way to replace a single or multiple missing teeth.  They can even support complete upper or lower dentures.  With advanced training from the world renown Misch International Implant Institute, Dr. Anton Zettler will be sure to use the most advanced techniques for implant placement.



At Integrity Dental we are proud to offer a safe, pain free and comfortable dental experience with the use of IV or oral sedation.  Dr. Anton Zettler has received skillful training at the Toronto Implant Institute for sedation to serve his patients better.  Sedation can be used for any dental procedure and is great for patients with anxiety or a strong gag reflex.  Even though sedation will not put you to sleep most patients have no memory of the procedure and are often surprised of how quick the appointment was over.



Inside each tooth is a soft dental pulp that is made up of nerves and blood vessels that help to grow and develop a tooth.  When the dental pulp is infected, injured or dead the only way to save the tooth is to do a root canal.  Root canal treatment is the process of removing the damaged dental pulp, cleaning and shaping the canals from the tooth and filling the space with a filling material.  Both our dentists are able to preform root canal treatments in either 1-2 visits.  Although root canals have a bad reputation we can assure you that your experience will be pain free.




Our dentists will ensure that your experience with a tooth extraction is pain free.  As well as regular tooth extractions, Dr. Anton Zettler has received advanced training in removing impacted wisdom teeth with the comfort of sedation. 



We want your child's first dental experience to be a great one!  A child's first appointment to the dentist should be as early as 2 years old.  At the first appointment we will introduce them to all the neat things that we have in the office, give them a ride in the chair and pick a prize!  Our office will work on children at any age but will ensure that their visit is kept positive.   



Orthodontics also known as braces are a great way to get that straight smile you've always wanted!  Orthodontics can be for cosmetic or functional issues.  We provide basic orthodontic treatments.  For more complex cases we would gladly refer you to a specialist.

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